About Spiralwoman

Spiralwoman spiral goddess 2

The spiral is an eternal symbol of the goddess. The flow of life, the ripple of water, the roundness of the fecund belly, the eternal depths of a woman’s interior, the curl of a wave… the spiral has been around for thousands of years. Have you seen it on the round stomachs of goddess figurines from long ago? Before women were diminished in religion, society and literature?

I have adopted the spiral (as many women have, no doubt) and have named myself after it for the purposes of this blog.

What do I want to write? I have always written—even when I was not writing the pressure of words built up in me—and have made a decision to write for someone. You. Any reader who wishes to take me on.

I hope to learn as I go. Share as I am so moved. We all see the world through our own particular lens. I could go on and on trying to explain how I came to this place. How loss and love, motherhood and careers, friendships, experiences, education, mistakes and successes have shaped me. But instead I will let these things speak through what I write. In time, a reader like you might get to know me. And my life. My people. My stuff. My baggage. My quirky ways. My strongly entrenched liberal viewpoint. My ever-growing and evolving spiritual understanding.

For me, the most important thing will be to proceed without fear or hesitation.

3 thoughts on “About Spiralwoman

  1. Loving that I found your website. Comes at a perfect time for me. And …what synchronicity that we have the same first name.. (From another persons comment..)
    Thank you for being eloquent and sharing. It’s truly insightful.

    • Vanessa , I am so moved by what you wrote and yes thrilled to find a Vanessa-sister. 🙂
      Please comment at will on anything you read here as I would love to hear your thoughts and engage in dialogue. xxxooo SW (Vanessa)

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